Select the Normal Cursor icon to return cursor to standard mode and screen usage. You can also return to standard screen usage mode by right-clicking the mouse button. Objects drawn on screen are moveable in this mode. Hold the left mouse button down on an object and drag to move.
Select the Pen icon on your screen to activate the drawing feature.
Select the Highlight Pen icon on your screen to activate the the highlighter tool. Objects drawn on the screen appear at approximately 75% of the opacity of the color chosen.
Select the Arrow tool icon on your screen to draw a line arrow. Click, hold and drag until a line is drawn. Release to create a line arrow.
Select the Rectangle icon, then the desired starting point. Click, hold and drag until a rectangle is created, then release button.
Select the Ellipse icon, then the desired starting point. Click, hold and drag until an ellipse is created, then release button.
Select the Eraser icon to erase desired area(s).
Select the Cut icon and then select a starting point, drag the box to the edge of the desired cut area, and select Delete. To move the box instead of Delete it, drag it to another point on the screen, and then click outside the box to finish. Selecting groups of objects with this tool groups them into one object which can then be moved together in standard cursor mode.
Select the Text icon to create each new text box and use the Options button to change font and size if desired.
Select the Notation icon and click on a point of interest on-screen. Holding the CTRL key, each successive click of the arrow increases the number (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.).
Select the Erase All icon to erase any on-screen objects. You can also access this feature by pressing CTRL-E on your keyboard.
Select the Hide Transparency icon to both hide and restore an Annotate!Pro transparency, a blank slate over your current document for quick notations, drawings, etc. Transparency can also be toggled by pressing CTRL-D on your keyboard.
Select the Hide Desktop icon to hide and restore all desktop icons.
Select the Snapshot icon to take a "snapshot" of the entire screen as a JPG file. The first time you "snapshot," the application will ask you to save it to a directory. To change the directory, select Options and "Set Snapshot Dir." A snapshot can also be taken by pressing CTRL-S on your keyboard.
Snapshots taken within an Annotate!Pro session can be quickly attached to a new mail message by clicking this button. All snapshots appear in the "Attachments" area of the default mail client message window.
Clicking the Undo button allows you to revert to your previous action. All drawing and erase actions are stored for potential undo. Undo can also be performed by pressing CTRL-Z on your keyboard.
Select the down arrow to open up a color selection box. This gives you more choices than on the standard color bar. The color next to the down arrow is the current chosen color from this box and is re-selectable by clicking on the color.
The Options screen allows you to set program parameters. "Font", "Set Snapshot Dir", and "Line Thickness" can be selected here. Selecting "Save Last Settings" will store the current program parameters for the next time you start the program.