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Effective Training
Annotate so your audience can effectively follow along with you. To exit draw mode, click the arrow button or right-click on your mouse at any time, then continue to the next area of your training without hesitation.
Effective Meetings and Presentations
Meetings and Presentations
Communicate effectively with your colleagues. Draw on top of any program running on your desktop.
Effective Product Development
Product Development
Draw anywhere on your screen to communicate product changes to development staff.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Effective Help Desk
Help Desk
Annotate and save a screen shot so your help desk can troubleshoot your problem. No expensive, hard to use graphics programs required.
New Version 2.0 Released
We've taken your suggestions for additional features and put them into our latest release.
Be sure to check out the latest including multiple-undos, highlighter, arrow tool, hotkeys, and more!
What People are Saying About Annotate!Pro
"...after several months of using your product...I love it. It literally has unlimited uses. It's handy to be able to take a picture of the screen to pass along. I find myself needing to use it several times a week."
--S. Westerick
"I've been waiting for something like this for a long time."
--C. Espisito
"Our training programs requires trainers to talk about different parts of the screen...much better than a pointer stick."
--I. Thompson
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Enhance Your Marketing Campaign
Customize Annotate!Pro with your own logo, then "gift" it to your customers as a promotional tool
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